Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Back in the USA - Simioni Imports

While in Italy in June 2014, and searching online for more Simioni, we found Simioni Imports in Evanston, Illinois, USA. It's crazy -- I have family I visit there and never knew about this company.

I've been chatting with Danny Simeone (name spelling changed by his grandfather).
I can't wait to go back to visit family and friends in Evanston and Elmhurst to meet Danny and his father Roberto in person (and maybe drink a little wine?)

It's possible that someday they will produce a Simioni label wine. That would be fun, wouldn't it?

Their family is also from Cittadella and Castelfranco Veneto so they may be related to some of our families.
Danny: maybe you can give us a little Simioni family tree info: great-grandfather's name, etc.

Follow them on Facebook:


Danny & Roberto Simeone

I think I like these guys!
From their website:
Simioni Imports is a family-run company with deep family roots bridging both sides of the Atlantic.  
Simioni is our ancestral Venetian family name, and is employed in our crest to honor our family bonds in the old and new worlds. 
A forester first, later a maple syrup producer, and finally a wine importer, Robert grew up in Chicago with strong connections to his large Italian-American family, including his four grandparents who all emigrated from Cittadella and neighboring villages in the Veneto region.  His nonno gave him his first taste of wine at age seven, and he grew up eating the sopressa and salsiccia made by his father and uncles while drinking wine and playing bocce. Visiting family in Italy gives him a chance to return every year and continue his search for the special native varietals that are the hidden gems of the Italian winemaking world.

Simioni Arredamenti

June, 2014
We had the pleasure of meeting some of the family who own Simioni furnishings/arredamenti in Rosà Veneto.

Back in 2009 a young Richard Simioni who lives in Florida (no relation that we know of) told me about the furniture company which his grandfather Umberto founded. We've been in the area several times but never had time to investigate.

This time we did and just stopped in. Fortunately Liam Simioni speaks English quite well -- since our Italian is painfully slow and inadequate. His family did not know of Richard's family, their cousins, in Florida. It's a bit crazy how I get to connect Simioni families when I travel.

Liam did tell us that they are related to Carlo Alberto Simioni in Cittadella -- well who isn't?? Seriously, I believe he was already been connected to cousins on an earlier visit of ours: Marco (Paris), Cherie (Chicago), and Sandra (Miami). Now they must all be related to Liam and also Richard in West Palm Beach, Florida. Can any of you make that connection to Umberto and family?

Rick, ___, & Liam Simioni

More to follow.


"The history of SIMIONI Company began in 1959. The founder, Mr Umberto Simioni, after he had graduated, started to work by a master artisan near Bassano. After a long military service in the body of the “Alpini”, he began to work in one of the most famous furniture companies in the area. In 1959, before marrying Giuseppina, his wife, he decided to set up his own company, using the building that his father Angelo offered him. In the first laboratory, Mr. Umberto thought and created, assisted by skilled workers, furniture in classical style that became part of the most beautiful private Italian homes. These collections were very successful and Simioni brand became very important in the international scene. For several years Simioni furniture crossed the ocean to arrive in America where they were very appreciated. In 1970 was built the factory in Rosà in via Roma. In this period his sons entered into the company and the best craftsmen of the industry became part of Simioni company. These were the years of the Italian Renaissance, the request of furniture was growing very fast and shops were competing hardly for having the exclusive of Venetian furniture. Among '70s and '80s Simioni was one of the most important and best known brands in the industry. As a matter of fact, the Company was a reference point in the market in that period. Faithful to the their history, Simioni furniture, being mindful of various styles, still today are made with top quality woods, finished with special care and personalized. Fifty years after its birth, Simioni company, founded by Mr. Umberto, continues to be a player in the major international markets, focusing more and more on innovative and high quality furniture, according with the best Italian craftsmanship tradition."

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Stef Simioni and Rick Simioni meet! Finalmente!

Stef & Rick Simioni
in "St Mark's Square" at the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas

It's been 5 years since Stef Simioni of Montreal Canada was playing around with the then-new Facebook and he decided to see if there were other Simionis to show his sons.
The result was our Facebook group
"Simionis of the World...and descendants".

Stef and I have stayed in regular contact and have become close in spite of never actually meeting. Together we have expanded "Simionis of the World" to, well, the world!

It's truly been a life changing experience for Rick Simioni and I.
What adventures we have since shared!
Oh the Simionis we have met!
The travels we have taken!

We have since been to Italy several times on "Giro dei Simioni" trips and developed many close friendships. We've found proof of just a couple of Simioni relatives, but everyone treats us like family and we feel we are.

Stef and I have chatted through the years about trying to meet somewhere.
Well, when he texted me last month to say he and his wife were going to fly to Las Vegas to celebrate her birthday and would we want to go and meet, we did not hesitate! Rick and I had our hotel reservations made within a couple of hours!

So now, finally this weekend we met Stef and his wonderful wife Cynthia. It's always been fun meeting Simionis from around the world and once again we were not disappointed! The four of us had a very fun weekend!

Stef had this put on t-shirts for us!

We shared many laughs, glasses of wine, and meals, and  spoke a lot about how much "Simionis of the World" has meant to us all.
Rick and Stef chatted about how neither of them ever knew other Simioni families before Facebook.
Both of their fathers were born in Italy and immigrated to Canada.
They both have extended the Simioni line with sons.
All of us enjoy meeting Simionis.

We are already exploring ways to get together again. Maybe California, maybe Montreal, maybe Italy...
Festa dei Simioni in Cittadella Italia in June 2014 anyone?

(Here's my other blog where I shared how all the Simioni adventures started for Rick & I: How "Finding Desiderio" Began.)

~Nancy Simioni

PS: meanwhile, this weekend one of our Italian Simioni families enjoyed special moments of their own: Congrats to Linda Simioni (Varese, Italy) and Alessio Iorillo on their wedding day!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

William Simioni, Argentina

Today I received an email from William Simioni of Argentina who was very happy to find our blog! He is originally from Ormelle, Treviso, Italy.

He will be adding his information soon. Welcome William!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Antonio Simioni -- Bolzano Italy. Family #73

Ciao Antonio! Piacere!

If you would like to add your family information just email me on Facebook!
(The same goes for any Simionis.)
You are familia #73 on my chart. 

Likewise, if you want to be removed from this blog please let me know.

We look forward to meeting you in person sometime in the future!
  -- Nancy USA
Antonio Simioni 2012

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Eduard Simioni, Cittadella. Familia #71

Allora, the Simioni adventures continue! I just never know when I might meet one!

Earlier this week I saw on Facebook that Eduard Simioni (from Cittadella, Italy, but currently working in Germany) was in Las Vegas. I asked if he might come over to California and we were able to work out a plan. Eduard and I had chatted on Facebook a few times but not much. Still, it was exciting to get to meet another Simioni!

Eduard had had an "interesting" trip after having his driver's license stolen (not in the USA) and he had to take Greyhound buses to get around after a conference in Berkeley California.

We ended up meeting in San Diego -- I was able to show him around some of our favorite places in the little time available. We had plans to do more but got stuck on Coronado Island when the bridge was closed due to a potential "jumper"! So we stayed there and enjoyed an American barbecue dinner. Later we were able to drive back to San Diego, and take a drive-by tour of our "Little Italy".

Rick and I were happy to host Eduard at our home, treat him to an American breakfast, show him our gardens, great beaches and Oceanside Pier, before heading over to an Italian restaurant to meet some of our friends for happy hour. We shared some vino and many laughs! Instant friendships!

Time went too fast -- next time will plan something ahead of time! Eduard, it was such a pleasure to meet you! Ci vediamo a presto! Somewhere!  -- Nancy (& Rick) Simioni

Eduard, we look forward to anything you can research on Stradella Fratelli Simioni. And if you would like to add any of your Simioni family history, just let me know.

Rick Simioni, our friend Lisa, Eduard Simioni, and me, Nancy

LAS VEGAS: recently I've also chatted with Rosemary Simioni in Las Vegas. We were able to connect Rosemary with Eduard on Facebook while he was in Vegas, but they could not meetup.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Connecting Simioni families: Italy, USA, & Canada

Rick and I have returned from Veneto, Italy, and we were able to meet more of Rick's cousins: The Fior families, sons and grandsons of Rick's aunt, Maria Amalia Simioni (1886 - 1965 Salvatronda) who married Umberto Fior.

Meeting Fior cousins, sons of Alfredo Fior:
Simone, Mauro, Rick, Alberto
(and twins  of Mauro, Riccardo & Nicolo)

Fabio and Paulo Fior, sons of Ugo Fior, with Rick.
(or is it Paulo and Fabio)
In Salvatronda

While researching and visiting, we again met with Sergio Simioni of Salvatronda. He has gone through some additional church records and says he has discovered his grandfather and Rick's were cousins. We are looking forward to seeing the connection. He also found Onofrio Fior as one of Maria Amalia Simioni's children, who was not listed in the city records. Onofrio was mentioned in a very old letter to Rick's father (1960's) from Maria but we never knew his last name nor how he fit in.

Meanwhile, Vivian Trapani of Ottawa, Canada, followed along with us via Facebook and we were able to help her connect! She may be related to Sergio in Salvatronda also. Later I'll try to show it here somehow. (Or Vivian can). It's possible we are distant relatives too! Well, I guess we ALL are distant relatives!
Maria Amalia named one of her son's after Rick's father.

Rick Simioni (USA) in Cittadella with
Alice Simioni (Vedelago) & her mom Renata Zampieri

I sure wish I knew a way to show our "Family Forest"! We have so many "Family Trees" that are starting to come together...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Linda Simioni, Varese

Linda Simioni found our group on Facebook and when she saw my husband and I were coming to Varese on our recent trip, she arranged to get her family together with ours and Lucas Simionis.  We met for pizza Friday night -  I think there 13 of us! Lots of eating and talking as usual when Simionis get together!

Linda's parents invited us over for dinner on Sunday so we met again and had a little more time to chat, and, met a few more family members.

Linda and I will post more family details, but here are my notes:

Brothers Flavio & Romeo, sister Denis Simioni:

Flavio Simioni, married to Luisa
  - daughter Linda Simioni
  - daughter Mara Simioni, grandaughter Lisa
  - daughter Tiziana
  - son Andrea

Romeo Simioni, married to Grazia
  - Paola Simioni
  - Giulia Simioni

Denis Simioni, married to Valentino Copes
  - Daniele Copes
  - Valentina Copes
  - Cristina Copes

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Simionis of Thiene and Sarcedo

Thiene & Sarcedo Simioni families!

We were thrilled when Francesco Simioni organized a Sunday lunch with his family and his brother Roberto's and asked us to join them all. We finally got to meet Giulia, who was/is working in New York. She was our original Facebook connection to this family but she was out of the country last year when we visited. She and I have been "Friends" for a few years now.

Alessandro, Diego, Gloria, Yasmine. Ugo, Vitti. Simionis all. Plus spouses and significant others. And 8 little ones! We feasted on a long, delicious lunch at Agriturismo da Marinela. Elisa and Diego were more available to chat this time (they were the bride & groom last year) but, none of us spoke enough of each others' language to carry on a conversation! Elisa and I chat online often, using translators, and we had to laugh that we could not chat in person! We did share hugs and I was able to meet their baby girl, our newest Simioni!
We have not found a bloodline connection to these families either, but again, our hearts have been joined! There are two new babies since last year as the Simioni tree grows new branches.  We discussed the "need" to organize a Simioni del Mondo worldwide festa some day in northern Italy.

Brothers Francesco and Roberto Simioni and their families.

Our newest "Simioni del Mondo"!
- - - - - 

All of these families have taken time to show us around their cities and lives. What a treat for Rick and I to experience Italy this way. The REAL Italy -- the many "real" Italies.  We enjoy the people and their hospitality. The Italians are friendly people to begin with...then when they find you have Italian heritage you become almost family! And when you have the same last name, well, you ARE family!

We were unable to connect with any Simionis in Cittadella this trip. Even with almost 3 weeks in Veneto.  I guess we need to stay longer!  :)


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Simionis in Veneto!

We have such a nice time with our Veneto Simioni families!
 - - - 

Rick and I visited Castelfranco Veneto Comune offices again, and did get more information on his grandparents (birthdates) which will take us another branch up the Simioni family tree. I sure would like to find we are related to these wonderful Simionis!  

We DID find information on Rick's two aunts who remained in Italy and did not move to the USA when all the other brothers and sisters did. They both married men named Fior.  Maria named two of her son's Desiderio and Fortunato! (after Rick's father and uncle; her brothers) One son is still alive and living in Salvatronda, near where Rick's father lived. Had we located them last year we could have met another uncle who passed away in 2010.

With the help of Alice and her father Emanuele Simioni, we made a visit to Alfredo Fior, 87 years old. Without their assistance this would have been difficult, if not impossible, as Alfredo was hard of hearing and spoke dialetto! 

Meeting him was emotional for us. After years of searching, he is our first relative. He has sons and grandsons, and since we did not have any family history with us at that time, we are going to follow-up with a letter and photos when we return to the USA.

Rick meets his cousin Alfredo Fior

City records show Rick's other aunt apparently moved to Como, and we plan to contact that Comune office in the future to see whom we can find. This is all quite like a giant puzzle, with many missing pieces!

 Having fun with Veneto Simionis:
 Alice, Emanuele, Gianluca, Rick, Renata
at the Festa dea Poenta

A wedding we spotted in Castelfranco Veneto

Meeting Mattia Simioni, who was our first Castelfranco Veneto connection on Facebook over 2 years ago. Last year he was working in Greece when we visited.
He is Alice's cousin, and the son of  Germano.
The 3rd Simioni brother/family is Gabriele.

- - - - -

We also had an afternoon to enjoy with the family of Oscar Simioni from Cartigliano. This time our English/Italian translator, his daughter Silvia, was not available as she is studying in Finland at this time. We managed with the help of her sister Federica, and Rick's improved Italian language skills! (His one year of university studies this past winter and spring did pay off!)

 - - - - -

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Simioni of Montreal & Salvatronda

Last year we were Salvatronda (Castelfranco Veneto) to search for Rick's father's family. We had already become Facebook friends with Mattia, Alice, and Elisa Simioni from Castelfranco.

Alice's father volunteered to do some investigating before we arrived and found birth records of Desiderio!

He also found Sergio Simioni, who is from Salvatronda, had a father named Desiderio, and an uncle Fortunato, just as Rick did. We wonder if their fathers were cousins and named after important family members.
Sergio, Priest, Alice (maggio 2010)

Sergio mentioned he has family in Montreal Canada, and mentioned Lisa and Mario. Well, I already knew of Lisa and Mario because of our Facebook group "The Simionis of the World".  We were aware Lisa is in Montreal, and, took special note that Mario played professional hockey, NHL farm club I think, since Rick is a big hockey fan. (Mario is now in Denmark coaching a successful hockey team.)

And it became even more interesting as in Alice's home they have a hockey stick signed by Mario on their basement wall! When I asked Alice if she was related to him she replied no, he was just playing hockey in town one time and when she told him her name was also Simioni he gave her the stick!

Lisa and I exchanged a few emails and she spoke to her parents. Now she writes me that her parents will be in Castelfranco! Her mother Annamaria and I are now corresponding. We arrive late on the 8th of September, they return to Canada on the 10th.  We have planned to meet, with Sergio, on the 9th!

It's a small world after all!

Last year's post: Salvatronda 
30Sept2011: rather than make a new post, I'm going to chat about our Salvatronda 2011 meeting below...


We met with the Ottawa Simionis! I'll collect my family details/notes and add them here later, but for now, we had a nice time and although we don't think we are related, we still sense there could be a connection because of the "Desiderio/Fortunato/Salvatronda" similarities. I'll be working with Linda when we return. Here's our new photo:

Friday, August 12, 2011

¡Recepción! Simioni de la Argentina!

Welcome Simioni of Argentina!

I hope the above title makes sense, I'm using an online translator (as usual).

Several Simioni from Argentina and I have become friends on Facebook today, and a few I have been friends with for awhile. (Even playing CityVille and FarmVille together!)

If any of you would like to add a small story about your family history, or photos, let me know. Maybe you are related to other Argentinian families already listed?

If you would like to translate this into Spanish that would be nice also!

Nancy Simioni
California, USA


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dual Citizenship: Italy and ___________

Two years ago Rick and I looked into obtaining dual citizenship based on his father and my grandparents being born in Italy.  We did not get very far once we found out that Rick's father became American before Rick was born. That would require that he go back to grandparents and we did not have enough information.

While our trip to Castelfranco Veneto last May (2010) provided some information, we ran into dead ends on the grandparents.  Just today Rick wrote a follow-up email to Castelfranco asking for more details on his aunts who remained there, as well as his grandparents. Hopefully we'll get something to go with when we are there this Fall.

Meanwhile, this afternoon, Trevor Simioni from Canada, posted on our "The Simionis of the World, and descendants" Facebook page, asking about dual citizenship. AND, this evening,  the Italian Citizenship for Americans group on Facebook posted this helpful article:
"Strategy for Collecting Required Records".

I guess this all means we are meant to get serious about dual citizenship!  :)   I'm thinking Rick and I should do it, and then our son Julian could also. It would give him the opportunity to work anywhere in the European Union.

Stay tuned!

"Simioni del Mondo" t-shirts

Ciao a tutti!

Last year I had some "Simioni del Mondo" t-shirts made up for gifts which we took to Italy.
I also sent two to our Facebook group creators Tania and Stephan Simioni in Montreal as my thanks for getting our group started.

And, there are also 3 in Brazil as I sent them to Cris Simioni and her brothers last Christmas.

I'm getting ready to order more, and wonder if any Simionis would like to buy one. The shirts cost me about $20 US, and then I would have to add mailing costs. I can bring some to Italy this Fall!

Let me know your size too.  Email me at usanancy@gmail.com if you are interested.

Women's are white with red embroidered words "Simioni del Mondo". Men's are white with green.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Simioni del Mondo on Facebook!


Ciao! Hola! Ola! Bonjour! Oi! Hello!

Today we have had a lot of communication on Facebook with our group "The Simionis of the World.... and descendants!" 

Stephan Simioni, from Montreal, Ottawa, Canada, started the group back in 2008, and inspired me to begin this blog for all of us. Facebook required that he update the group to their new format, and that caused many of us to respond and greet each other. It's fun to see who is out there!

If you are a Simioni and would like to add your name, and/or your family to this blog, please let me know on Facebook (Nancy Nicholson Simioni) or by email at USANancy@gmail.com.

It would be wonderful to have you join in!

And, if anyone would like to meet my husband Rick and I in Veneto for a "Simioni del Mondo Cena" we'll be there in September.  Maybe Sunday, 18 settembre per ceno???  We are from California, USA, and would love to meet many Simioni italiano!  We will also be in Bologna and a few other northern cities.

- - - -

Question/domanda: Should I try to make a new list of everyone here on this post? What do you think? One of my very early posts has a list. I do need to update that.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Benvenuti! Two new additions to our "family forest" -- Vivian Trapani, Paola Bortolin

Recently I've received contact from two Simioni women. It's always fun to make new friends!

First, Vivian Trapani, from a Simioni family in Ottawa, Canada.
As it turns out she is related to Lisa and Mario Simioni, whom I already had contact with, and, they are are related to Sergio Simioni in Salvatronda (Castelfranco Veneto) Italy. Rick and I met Sergio last year when Alice Simioni and her father, Emanuele Simioni, took us to a Salvatronda church to find the baptismal records of Rick's father, Desiderio Simioni. Sergio's father was also a Desiderio Simioni from Salvatronda, born around the same time (1895).
Whew. Both had uncles named Fortunato. This family is the closest to a chance of finding relatives, so far.

Anyway, we are both working to find a family connection. I'll post some of her family info if she desires.

- - -

Rick and I are heading back to Italy in a couple of months and hope to a confirmed connection to some relative. Of course, even if we do not, we are looking forward to visiting with all our new Simioni friends!

Today I received an email from Paola Bortolin, who tells me her Simioni relatives are from Loria, Italy, which is just north of Castelfranco Veneto. She didn't mention where she is currently living, but with her permission, I'll add that info soon.

UPDATE 15 July 2011: Paula found she is related to Angela Simioni (Family #53!) Last I tried to connect with Angela (2009) the email message was returned. We'll try again. This is so wonderful for these two women!

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Returning to Italy

Ciao amici!

Rick and I are excited to be returning to northern Italy again this Fall! We will be visiting in September and October. What do you think about a "Simioni del mondo cena o pronzo"? Venice? Cittadella?

Email me: usaNancy@gmail.com

ci vediamo!

Nancy Simioni
San Diego, California USA

- - -

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Francesco benvenuto!

Welcome Francesco and Family.
As soon as I get your info I'd be happy to post it here if you would like.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Buon Natale!

Ciao and Merry Christmas!

Buon Natale!  Feliz Natal! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noël!
Un Natale pieno di amore, pace e felicità -- a Christmas filled with love, peace and happiness!
Si prega di considerare l'invio di me la tua famiglia foto di Natale per questo intervento!
This has been a wonderful year of meeting many more Simionis on Facebook, AND, getting to meet many of you in person when Rick and I visited in May.
Questo è stato un anno meraviglioso di incontrare molti Simionis più su Facebook, e, sempre di incontrare molti di voi di persona con Rick e ho visitato a maggio.
It is fun to share so many Christmas greetings too!
This morning Rick and I have been chatting with Guido Simioni from Treviso.  Ciao Guido! Family #70 on my spreadsheet!
Maybe I can use a translator to add to this posting.  It's how I keep in touch with so many of you!
Nancy Simioni (and Rick & Julian Simioni)
Born in Detroit, Michigan, USA
If you would like to add your Simioni family Christmas photo to this posting, send it to me by email: usanancy@gmail.com
Be sure to identify everyone in the photo. Maybe we can get a "Simioni around the World" post here!
Nancy, Laura (friend), Julian, & Rick Simioni, in San Diego, California USA


Monday, September 13, 2010

The origin of the Simioni name / L'origine del nome di Simioni

This information is from a wall plaque my husband Rick's sister, Annette, bought us many years ago.  Now I see the company has a website so maybe info is there too. At this moment the website will not open.

The plaque reads:
The Italian surname Simioni is of patronymic origin, derived from the name of the father of the progenitor of this family. In this instance Simioni comes from the Hebrew name "Shimeon", probably derived from the word "shama", with the meaning of "listening", in the sense of "God has listened", referring to those parents whose prayers to God to grant them a baby were listened to. The Greeks and Romans adopted this name with the spelling Symeone. With the spread of Christianity in the Western world this name became very popular, since there are several biblical figures so called.

Patronymics are the most common type of surnames, so in the case of the first name Simone we also have a surname form with the same spelling which can be found all over Italy, because it originated in several places at the same time.

Variants of Simone are Simioni, Simeone, Simon, Simo, Simeo, Simonella, Simonetto, Simonino, etc, and the compound form Simon Pietro.

Records like "Rietstap's Armarial General" mention only one family called Simioni from the city of Florence but we have no name of any bearers from this house.

Family crest: three ostrich plumes proper.

From: The Historical Research Center


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Simioni del Mondo/Italia! Lucas & Sergio and families

Lago Maggiore Area Simionis

Our last "Giro di Simioni" stop was in the northern lakes district.  We stayed at a B&B in Ispra.

Many Simionis are Facebook friends with Lucas Simioni. After Stephan & Tania Simioni in Montreal Canada, (who started "Simionis of the World" group on Facebook), and Cris Simioni from Brazil, Lucas has been our longest "Simioni del Mondo" friend, and our most frequent communicator. ;)

Lucas and his wife, Elena Contini, drove us to beautiful locations around the lakes and in spite of continued rain, we found pockets of daylight, allowing us to enjoy the sites. It's so fun to meet people we've only known online! Such warm welcomes we received.

We met Lucas' parents and brothers, aunts & uncles, and nieces & a nephew.  And boy did we get to eat!  Lucky us!  Silvano is a pasty chef!  They all kept cooking for us!  It was amazing! Grazie Lucas, Elena, Silvano & Mery -- I gained 5 pounds!  ;)
Above: Elena & Lucas, and a Simioni torte!
Monvalle, Italy

Below, All Simionis:
Cristian (also a chef) with his daughter Iris, and son Alessandro in front of father/nonno Silvano, then Lucas & Rick.  Sorry Massimiliano, we didn't get your family photo. 
Above. The Simioni wives: me/Nancy, Lucas mother Mery Barcella,
Cristian's wife Monica Porotti with Iris, and Lucas' wife Elena Contini. 

We also were able to spend a little time in Cavona with Lucas' cousin, Sergio, his family and friends.  We didn't go hungry there either! Grazie Franca!  Sergio and I agreed it felt like we had "jumped into our computer" -- standing there with our "virtual friends" we have made on Facebook.
Sergio, his father Giancarlo, Rick, and Primo.
Giancarlo & Primo are brothers of Lucas' father Silvano.

Father to Primo, Giancarlo, & Silvano is ALFONSO SIMIONI (b:1905,d:1962).
Alfonso had 4 brothers/sister: Augusto(m), Gelindo(m), Clara (f), Marinda(f) 
I believe Silvano says he has some relatives in Bassano del Grappa, that we'll have to meet next time!  Who knows who we'll be able to connect!

This "Giro di Simioni Italia" was truly an awesome experience after spending a lifetime not knowing there were any other Simionis! Even though we did not find relatives, we  had a fantastic time. We could not have imagined how wonderful all everyone would treat us!  It's been my pleasure to  meet, and maybe introduce you to, some of our Simioni del Mondo! Rick's father, Desiderio Simioni (1895 - 1965) born in Castelfranco Veneto, would be so pleased.

Mille Grazie a tutti!

Nancy (& Rick) Simioni
California, USA

ps: if anyone would like to translate any of these postings into Italian, please do so and I'll add the info.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finding Desiderio - in Salvatronda

We did it! We found records of Rick's father, Desiderio Simioni, in very old local  church ledgers.

Today in Salvatronda (Castelfranco Veneto) Italy, we went to the local church, Santa Maria Assunta di Salvatronda, and found records of Desiderio's  baptism.  They match information from the city hall for his birth.  It was emotional for everyone there as we carefully searched through the ledgers together.  To think Rick's father was baptized here 115 years ago, walked these streets, and maybe tried to imagine his future.  Now we try to imagine his past.

With the help of Alice and her father, Emanuele Simioni, we met Sergio Simioni (above, left. Priest in center) who's father was also a Desiderio Simioni, and who also had a brother Fortunato Simioni, same as Rick's father and uncle. It's possible their grandparents were related.  If so, we are related to the Simionis in Montreal: Lisa and family. We'll be following up when we return.

There are so many things we learned, like family nicknames (because there are so many Simionis here).  Rick's family is part of the Cecconato branch.  (translates to "born thin".)

Meanwhile, the Simioni families in the Castelfranco area have adopted us!  We been treated to family dinners, shown us around, picked us up when it was pouring rain (Often!!), and just have been fun to meet.  They are family group #12. They even through me a birthday party down one of their basements! And they have family in California near us!  We have not been able to connect with them as direct relatives, wouldn't it have been wild to find out in Italy that the relatives we were searching for were just an hour or two away from our home?*

Mattia Simioni was my first Facebook contact in Castelfranco, and he led me to Alice and her family.  Unfortunately, Mattia was in Greece when we visited.
Mattia's family:
(me, Elisa, Emanuela Zampieri, 
Rick, & Germano)

Below: Lucky Alice, she's the only one in the 3 families who spoke fluent English and Italian!  We kept her busy!  A job that was often repeated on our trip by my other English speaking Facebook Simioni friends!

Here we are with Alice's family: 
Emanuele, (me), Alice, Renata Zampieri, 
Gianluca, and Rick
Brothers Emanuele & Germano Simioni married sisters Renata & Emanuala Zampieri!

Barbara, Silvia, & Jennifer are also Facebook friends and cousins of Mattia & Alice. Silvia was in New Zealand while we visited.

Gabriele, me again, Jennifer, & mom Ilde,
Barbara, & Rick.

Giuseppe Simioni had 5 sons.  

Gabriele, Emanuele, & Germano, plus Mario and Franco.
I need to check to see if it was Mario or Franco who moved to the USA. Olga and Lynda are two of the Simionis in California...  update please!  Alice?  ;)

*Update Summer 2010: Alice Simioni came to California to visit her Simioni relatives and us.  We had a wonderful time showing her around San Diego, sharing classic American movies, food, and customs.  And we met her Simioni relatives who live just an hour north of us.  We plan to do some additional research, and fully expect to find we are related.  Here's a picture of the California Simionis.

 Lynda Greene (Olga's daughter), Olga Simioni, Alice Simioni
 Craig Acerboni (Olga's son) and Rick Simioni 
becoming fast friends/relatives

It was just like meeting Simionis in Italy! Everyone so friendly and fun to meet.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Giro di Simioni - Cartigliano and Cittadella

Oscar, Annalisa, Silvia,  Federica Simioni: Cartigliano

Now here's a Simioni family we have met before!  Last year they drove down to meet us in Rome!  Time they took us to Venice for lunch and showed us around their hometown of Cartigliano -- although the rain began to fall (and we ended up with 17 days of rain!)  With Silvia as our translator again, we managed an afternoon in Venice and an unbelievable lunch. Silvia and I have been very active Facebook friends for over a year, and we have Skyped with her family so we felt like old friends by this trip!


Rick and I have been on our personal "Giro di Simioni" for a week now and it has been fascinating! 

Milan to Thiene to Cartigliano to Castelfranco to Cittadella so far.  I'll update here more later but want to capture some of today's events while my brain still has some details.

With the help of Gabriele Simioni of Castelfranco Veneto, we made a little trip to Cittadella today.  We wanted to see Stradella Simioni and meet Carlo Alberto Simioni.  

Carlo met us for caffe and with our limited knowledge of each others language, we still managed.  Carlo told us some background on the Simioni name and showed us the family history book, which dates back to the 15th century! He also showed us a local phone book as Simioni is the 2nd most popular name in Cittadella!  Rick gets a good laugh when he explains that for the first 55 years of his life he thought he might be the last remaining Simioni in the world!

After posting these photos on Facebook,  Cherie Simioni (Chicago, USA) and Sandra Simioni (Argentnia/FloridaUSA) found out they are related to each other, and Carlo!  ...and now Marco (Paris) also!

Marco Simioni (in Paris) tells me this Simioni history book is the one he has been telling me about.  He and his father have both contributed to it, and his father was working on  a 2nd one when he passed away just a few months ago. So, now I'm waiting to see if Marco is also related to Carlo.  I don't think we are, but we'll see!  Tomorrow we visit Salvatronda to look for records of Rick's father, Desiderio Simioni, son of Giovanni Simioni.  All these Simionis, but so far, no relatives for Rick....
 Rick (California USA) & Gabriele (Castelfranco Italy) Simioni

Nancy, Carlo (Cittadella Italy), Rick

If you expand this photo of the Cittadella map, you'll see Stradella Simioni!